Mercari / Sustainability Circulate our limited resources to help society thrive.

In 2012, I slung a backpack over my shoulder and set off to travel around the world. The most life-changing moments I experienced were in areas like South America and the Middle East—countries known as emerging nations. I saw before my eyes how people were trying to live more prosperously, as well as the reality of how limited resources were, and it opened my eyes to the issue that maybe not everyone in the world is able to live their lives in the same way.

When I returned home, smartphones had taken over Japan. I thought, “If we can use this technology to connect individuals all over the world and allow items to be easily bought and sold, maybe we can utilize the world’s resources more effectively and enrich the lives of people everywhere.” That thought was the basis for creating Mercari.

Since Mercari was established, we have grown our services while investing in both people and technology. But in order to become a service used throughout the world, we must genuinely take on our role as a public institution of society and work toward creating a circular economy, improving governance, and more.

What can Mercari do to help solve the issues faced by people around the world. With this question in mind, we will continue striving in our efforts to circulate the world’s resources and help society thrive.

Mercari, Inc. CEO
Shintaro Yamada


Under the mission “Create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell”, Mercari, Inc. and its subsidiaries aim to serve as a company that contributes to society. With this management philosophy, we ensure that all of our board members and employees abide by legal obligations and company constitutions as well as follow social standards in carrying out our business activities.

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