Tips for keeping your Mercari account secure

Find out what you can do to stay safe and secure when using Mercari Group’s services.

About Security

Tips for keeping your Mercari account secure Here are some tips you should follow to prevent other people from learning your ID and password and gaining unauthorized access to your account.

  • Use a strong password

    The more characters you use in your password, the stronger it gets. We recommend using a password at least 12 characters long. We also recommend using a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols in your password.

  • Use different passwords for different websites

    Using a unique password for each website/app is safer than reusing the same password multiple times.

  • Don’t forget to update your phone number

    If you aren’t sure how to check or update your phone number, see our guide to changing your verified phone number [Japanese].

  • Set a passcode to use when paying

    See our guide to setting up a passcode [Japanese]. If you’ve forgotten your passcode, see our guide to resetting your passcode [Japanese].

  • Lock your phone with a passcode

    Setting up a passcode to unlock your phone makes it harder for other people to use your phone when you’re not watching.

  • Watch out for logins and payments you don’t remember

    Check your email and notifications to see if there’s been any activity on your account that you don’t remember. We also recommend checking your Merpay usage history regularly to make sure there haven’t been any payments made without your knowledge. You can see your payment history by going to the Merpay tab and tapping “残高” (balance) and “ポイント” (points).

  • Stay away from suspicious websites/messages claiming to be Mercari

    If you receive any suspicious email messages claiming to be from Mercari, delete them immediately without opening the message or clicking on any links.

  • Remove your iD information when switching devices

    If you’re registered for iD payments on Merpay, we recommend removing the iD information from the Mercari app on your old device before starting to use your new device. To learn how to do this, see our guide to switching devices [Japanese].

  • Contact us if you lose your device

    If you lose a device logged into your Mercari account, contact us through the app and we’ll take action immediately so no one else can use your account. For more instructions, see our guide to contacting us about a lost device [Japanese].

  • Do not borrow or lend accounts

    Letting another person use your account is an infringement of Mercari’s Terms of Service. Mercari is not responsible for any trouble that may arise from doing so.

  • We recommend checking your login history regularly.

    You can check your account’s login history by going to the “マイページ” (My Page) tab, tapping “個人情報設定” (Personal Information Settings), and tapping “ログイン履歴” (Login History). Check if there’s been any activity on your account that you don’t remember.

About Accounts

If you notice unauthorized access to your account... If someone else logs in to your account without your knowledge, your personal information is at risk of being read by a third party.

  • Make sure your email address is safe

    Check to see if anyone else has accessed the email address you have registered on your Mercari account.

  • Make sure your social media accounts are safe

    Mercari offers the option to log in using a social media account (Facebook, Google). If you use a social media account to log in to Mercari, check to see if anyone else has accessed that account as well.

  • Change your password

    After making sure your registered email address (or social media account) is safe, change your Mercari password. For instructions, see our guide to changing your email address/password [Japanese].

If you notice unauthorized use of your account, contact us immediately.
Mercari uses AML monitoring and identity verification to keep our users safe and secure.

Security Initiatives at Mercari Group

Security Initiatives at Mercari Group

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