The Marketplace We Envision

We created these Marketplace Principles to define Mercari’s three core principles—that our marketplace should be safe, trustworthy, and humane. With these three values at the forefront, we work to create a diverse and free marketplace that everyone can comfortably participate in.


Mercari’s Company Mission

Mercari’s company mission is to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell.

New value is created when something that has no value in one person’s hands finds its way to the hands of someone else that needs it. At Mercari, we want to generate that value for people all over the world.

We believe that in order to do that, we need to create a marketplace where people with diverse values can buy and sell items freely. This diversity and freedom makes it possible to efficiently match the buying and selling needs of each individual, creating even more value for everyone.

Our Marketplace Principles

In order to create a diverse and free marketplace, it’s important that we share a fundamental mindset that all participants can refer to and rely on, while respecting each other’s values and views to the utmost extent.

We created these Marketplace Principles (“Principles”) to serve that purpose. Going forward, these Principles will evolve to match ever-changing social conditions with feedback from all of you, our users. Let’s work together to make the Mercari marketplace the best it can be!

Detailed rules and prohibited behavior in accordance with these Principles are defined in our Terms of Service and Help Center. In the event that we revise our fundamental approach established in these Principles, we may revise the Terms of Service and Help Center guides as well.


Free transactions are only possible in a safe environment. In addition to prohibiting transactions in violation of the law, we prohibit the kinds of transactions described below, to ensure the safety of buyers, sellers, and any third parties that may be affected by these transactions.

  • Transactions of items which endanger the health and/or lives of individuals
  • Transactions of items likely to lead to illegal/criminal acts
  • In a state of emergency, transactions of items that are essential to protecting people’s health and/or safety and which should be widely distributed as quickly as possible but are in notably short supply

All sorts of things are bought and sold in a marketplace. To ensure that everyone feels at ease buying and selling the many unique items on our service, all users must act in good faith and provide accurate information about their items and transactions. Mercari prohibits the following behavior in order to maintain a trustworthy marketplace for everyone.

  • Participating in transactions where item details are unknown or falsified
  • Failing to comply with item returns even when there are problems with the item
  • Listing items you do not actually have
  • Listing items without the intent to actually sell anything

When a marketplace is used by people with diverse values, it is important to respect each individual’s values and views. Transactions must not encourage or promote inhumane behavior.
Mercari prohibits the following:

  • Items or behavior that promote discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, etc.
  • Verbal abuse, threatening behavior, etc.

Through these three principles, we work to maintain a diverse and free marketplace that everyone can comfortably participate in.

Our Promise to You

Mercari promises to uphold these Principles in creating and maintaining our marketplace. We are also committed to revising these Principles as necessary and working to make the Mercari marketplace the best it can be.

Upholding these Principles in the Mercari marketplace

  • We have an organization of dedicated staff and an AI-based monitoring system to detect issues before they arise and handle them swiftly when they do.
  • If we find behavior deviating from (or in danger of deviating from) these Principles, we may issue warnings or provide information to users as necessary based on our Terms of Service and Help Center. If the behavior violates our rules and regulations, we will promptly take action to resolve it such as removing listings, suspending/deleting accounts, and asking for identity verification.
  • In cases that are unclear or cases that require more careful consideration, we refer to as many different viewpoints as possible in order to make objective and informed decisions. We may revise these Principles for clarity after the decision is made.

Continuous dialogue for a better marketplace

  • Through continuous dialogue with users, companies that manufacture/sell items, delivery services, consumer groups, relevant NGOs/NPOs, relevant authorities, and other stakeholders, we will keep improving these Principles and work to create a better marketplace.

We will keep working with our users to find the ideal form of our marketplace and make Mercari an open and welcoming service for all. And as ever, we will continue to work towards the creation of a circular economy where the earth’s finite resources are used efficiently and people and items can reach their full potential.