Tax Policy

1. Basic approach to taxation

Mercari Group develops its business under our mission, “circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people.” As we continue to take on bold challenges, we recognize that taxation is one of our primary social responsibilities and strive to execute our taxation obligations accordingly.

2. Compliance with laws and ordinances

In order to fulfill our social responsibility as an entity providing services to the public, Mercari Group takes into account the laws and ordinances regarding taxation that we should apply and observe, and we appropriately report and pay taxes within the stipulated deadlines.

3. Relationships with tax authorities

Mercari Group strives to maintain a good relationship with the tax authorities in each country where we do business by ensuring we are an open and thoroughly cooperative organization.

4. Optimization of tax expenses

In addition to the related Japanese laws and ordinances, Mercari Group also complies with tax conventions and the Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) to calculate the Group’s tax expenses appropriately.

5. Transfer pricing regulations

In conducting business with foreign affiliated parties located outside of Japan, Mercari Group refers to the OECD guidelines on transfer pricing and sets prices with individual companies accordingly.
Additionally, we document the track record of business transactions based on the laws and ordinances of the country where the relevant party is located and continuously monitor prices.

6. Tax planning

Mercari Group engages in discussions with internal and external experts as well as with tax authorities in order to comply with laws and ordinances, and thoroughly leverages the provisions of laws and ordinances and accepted measures.
The Group engages in tax planning as a business strategy while giving our social responsibilities due consideration.