Mercari Experiments

Mercari Experiments

Mercari Experiments is an experimental framework for designing and developing a pathway for a circular economy model.

Mercari Group’s mission is to circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people. By doing so, Mercari aims to create a circular economy in which items that are still of use can be passed on to the hands of those who need them, in the amount needed.

As part of this project, we conduct a variety of experiments related to the circular use of materials with the purpose of creating opportunities to learn and reflect on ways to realize a more sustainable life in which the earth’s limited resources are used effectively.

Value Chain

Relationship between the value chain and Mercari

Circular Economy

The Role of Mercari in a Circular Economy

  • Unlike the conventional linear take-make-waste consumption model, a circular economy aims to redefine the value chain, minimizing waste, circulating products and materials, and maximizing the use of our limited resources. The Mercari Group aims to realize a circular economy in which the earth’s finite resources are used efficiently. We believe that it is necessary to shift from an economic model based on mass production and mass consumption to a model that has a circular use of products and materials as a premise for production and consumption.

    The Mercari Group has played a role in the circular economy by driving the expansion of the secondary distribution market through its marketplace platform service.
    In addition to the expansion of the secondary distribution market, Mercari intends to further accelerate the circular economy by working to optimize product planning, production, and sales in the primary market.

    On the other hand, the rapid expansion of the e-commerce market and services, including Mercari, has created a number of environmental challenges, such as an increase in the consumption of packaging materials and CO2 emissions in the delivery process.
    Acknowledging this background, in Mercari Experiments we engage in a variety of experimental methods to approach issues and theories related to the circular economy making use of Mercari’s unique problem-solving abilities.