Inclusion & Diversity

For us, inclusion is a key driver to business growth and to achieving our mission to “circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people.”

Human Capital Highlights
Inclusion & Diversity Statement

Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) are at the core of Mercari’s business: we take on bold challenges on the global stage to achieve our mission to “Circulate all forms of value to unleash the potential in all people.” This also means discovering new value across languages, cultures, and physical borders.

Circulate All Forms of Value

What does diversity mean to Mercari? Since our company’s founding, we have learned that there are endless forms of value that can enrich people’s lives. Only by recognizing and embracing the diversity in our world will we be able to discover that value. For us, encouraging active dialog as well as diverse and unique perspectives will open up new opportunities for growth and help us keep evolving in order to achieve our mission.

Unleash the Potential in All People

What does inclusion mean to Mercari? To unleash the potential in all people and create a world where everyone is empowered to live the life that they want, we need to start with ourselves. At Mercari, inclusion means not only respecting one another’s differences, but also making the most of our strengths, weaknesses, ideas, and perspectives, while understanding that it doesn’t mean we will be involved in all decisions or have all of our opinions be adopted in the end.

To create a world that respects all individuals, each of us must do our part. We believe that only an inclusive environment will allow us to not just respect the diversity of our members, but embrace it to empower one another to reach our full potential.

To create a more inclusive workplace, we must

Learn from our differences

Respect each other’s differences and create a culture where we learn and grow precisely because we are all unique.

Create equal opportunities

Create equal opportunities for all Mercari members so that each person can embody our values of Go Bold, All for One, and Be a Pro.

Stand against discrimination

Never stand for discrimination or unfair treatment based on an individual’s background, and continue using relevant data in order to improve the environment we share.

I&D involves complex social and structural challenges that cannot be solved through Mercari’s efforts alone. However, being a Japanese-born company with people from more than 50 different countries working in it, our experiences in I&D may hold some clues to tackling those challenges. That is why we encourage everyone to join in on our mission as we continue to pursue I&D one step at a time.

Policies & Actions

The diversity of our members is a well source of creativity. Mercari provides equal opportunity for all members to be able to embody our three values to the fullest.

  • 2023.12.20
    Mercari Publishes Inclusion & Diversity Statement
  • 2023.1.16
    Mercari Becomes First Japanese Company to Attain a Global Gender Equality Certification at the EDGE Assess Level
  • 2022.6.14
    Mercari Publishes In-House Training on LGBT+ Awareness: Mercari Pride E-Learning