Mercari Experiments

Can we use old clothes to make new fashion? A Green Friday sustainable fashion show with no new items!

  • Reuse
Mercari Experiments

Project overview

“Green Friday” is a movement which encourages environmentally-friendly sustainable consumption such as treating items more carefully so they last longer. The movement, created in contrast to the famous annual sale day Black Friday (the fourth Friday in November), is picking up traction in Europe and elsewhere.

As part of our work toward creating a circular economy in which the earth’s finite resources are used efficiently, Mercari held a fashion show starring outfits created by well-known stylists using only secondhand clothes. On the day of the event, popular fashion stylist Saori Oyamada and fashion advisor MB showcased outfits they put together combining old clothes brought in by Mercari users and clothes bought on Mercari. We also held a panel discussion about the future of sustainable consumption with Saori Oyamada, MB, and fashion designer Keita Maruyama.

Through events like this, we hope to show as many people as possible the potential and fun of mixing and matching old clothes to make new fashion.

    Areas of circular economy covered in this experiment: Reuse

  • Suggesting new styles based on old clothes and finding sustainable ways to enjoy fashion


Experiment method

    • We asked Mercari users to bring in clothes they no longer wear

    • Well-known stylists matched those items with clothes they bought on Mercari to create outfits

    • The stylists presented the outfits in a fashion show

    • We held a panel discussion about the future of sustainable consumption


Experiment results

We invited 10 users to undergo styling sessions from the fashion stylists and act as models in the fashion show.

    Comment from one of the participants (excerpt):

  • All the stylists did was combine clothes I don’t wear anymore with clothes someone else on Mercari doesn’t wear anymore, but it was amazing to see how the right combination can give old clothes a completely new look. I think this experience will help me stop and think before buying something new, clothes or otherwise, instead of just making impulse purchases. I realized that with just a little bit of planning, I can lead an enriched life with the things I already have. It was a good opportunity to think about how I can live more sustainably.


Future outlook

We will continue developing opportunities to think about consumption and suggest ways to upcycle things in order to create a circular economy.