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What is necessary to make reuse of packaging materials the new standard? #PassOnMercariEcoPack

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Mercari Experiments

Project overview

Mercari aims to create a society where items that no longer have value to someone are accessible to someone else who needs them. However, we face an increasing amount of packaging materials going to waste due to the rapid growth of the e-commerce market.

With the aim of offering a reusable choice for packaging materials, Mercari launched the Mercari Eco Pack in June 2019 and distributed about 10,000 units on a trial basis. Through this experiment, we were able to test whether users would accept reusing packaging materials as a new practice and culture.

    Areas of circular economy covered in this experiment: Reuse and shipping

  • Reuse of packaging materials

What is the Mercari Eco Pack?

  • What is the Mercari Eco Pack?
    • Characteristics:

    • Made of tarpaulin, a material used in products like tents that can be used multiple times

    • Uses water-resistant material and strong watertight zippers

    • Use

    • If you receive a Mercari Eco Pack, you can reuse it for your next sold item

    • Size

    • 312 mm x 193 mm

    • Compatible shipping sizes:

    • RakuRaku Mercari Shipping (NekoPos, A4, up to 2.5 cm thick)

    • YuYu Mercari Shipping (Yu-Packet, A4, up to 3 cm thick)


Our initiatives

Introducing the Mercari Eco Pack to our users

  • Introducing the Mercari Eco Pack to our users
  • As part of a series of events held for our users, we introduced the Mercari Eco Pack as a packaging reuse method for the first time and received feedback from our users.

Mercari Eco Pack collaboration with Japanese fashion magazine FraU in their special SDGs edition sold in bookstores nationwide

  • Mercari Eco Pack collaboration with Japanese fashion magazine FraU in their special SDGs edition sold in bookstores nationwide
  • On December 20th, 2019, the Mercari Eco Pack was introduced in the special SDGs edition of the Japanese fashion magazine FraU with the topic “How to start changing the world in 2020”. As a special gift for this publication, we distributed about 3000 limited edition Mercari Eco Packs to reach an environmentally-conscious audience interested in SDGs.

Experiment and results

    • Mercari user survey 2020

    • Survey period: 3/27/2020–4/1/2020

    • Number of responses: 238,328

  • Findings from this survey:
    • Awareness and support for the Mercari Eco Pack
      From a total number of responses of about 240,000

    • 20% know about the Mercari Eco Pack

    • 81% support the concept

    • 76% want to use the Mercari Eco Pack

    • Mercari Eco Pack usage rate
      About 12% of the respondents have already received or used the Mercari Eco Pack. Of those users:

    • The average number of times a user received the Eco Pack was 2.13 times per person. This means about 10,994 packaging units were reused.

    • 70% of respondents said they have used the Eco Pack as packaging material for shipping.

    • Environmental awareness regarding packaging materials

    • About 93% of people did not have a negative impression when receiving a package using reused packaging materials.

    • About 74% of people are willing to reuse packaging materials.

    • 57.6% of people gained more environmental awareness by using Mercari


Future outlook

Based on the results of this study, we will examine how to solve concerns and issues of those users who still feel uncomfortable with reused packaging materials, and search for methods to make packaging reuse a more common practice.

To individual researchers, research institutions, companies, organizations, and media:

Mercari Experiments aims to promote collaborative research and experimentation using different approaches. If you are interested in collaborating with Mercari Experiments, please contact us at the link below.