Material Topic 3

Creating a New User Experience Through Technology

この取り組みを通じて目指すゴール: Goal:

We utilize data, AI, and other innovative technologies to constantly evolve our products and create new user experiences through the seamless exchange of value.

Material Topic 3

Focus Areas

  • Utilizing data/AI to deliver a seamless user experience
  • Promoting circular finance
  • Creating innovation through research and development on value exchange

Results in FY2023.61

  • JP MAU: 22.6M
  • US MAU: 4.77M
  • Merpay users: 15.71M
  • Mercards issued: 1.25M
  • Bitcoin trading accounts opened: 530K
  • Overseas users (cross-border): Increased by 2.8x
  • Cumulative total of Mercari Workshop participants: 250K people

1. As of FY2023.6

Summary of FY2023.6

Mercari Group launched Mercard as well as a bitcoin transaction service to further promote circular finance. We completed the “GroundUp App” project—referred to internally by its development code name—to revamp the company’s flagship app and improve development efficiency. Our organization also established a new team dedicated to generative AI and LLM and started offering new features that use ChatGPT.

Plan for FY2024.6

  • Marketplace: Continue to make disciplined investments while focusing on GMV growth by investing in marketing, further evolving our product, and putting more emphasis on our areas of improvement.
  • Fintech: Create Group synergy by acquiring Mercard holders and by enhancing the UX through such things as enabling users to make bitcoin payments within Mercari
  • US: Refine the product to better retain existing users while also carrying out initiatives to reach more users among Generation Z for future growth

Our Initiatives

Building Long-Term Public Trust

Building Long-Term Public Trust

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