Mercari Experiments

Green Friday Project 2023: A Sustainable Fashion Show With No New Clothing

Mercari Experiments
“Green Friday” is a movement that started as a counter to the massive sales event, Black Friday (the fourth Friday in November). Centered in Europe, the movement encourages habits such as treating items with care so they last longer, and aims to raise awareness of environmentally-friendly and sustainable consumption. For Mercari’s fourth year participating in Green Friday, in collaboration with three companies sharing in the belief of enjoying fashion sustainably, we held a sustainable fashion show with no new clothing on the large staircase in the garden area of Shibuya Cast.

The show featured looks put together by popular fashion stylist Riku Oshima using secondhand pieces from The North Face as well as a selection of clothing from Ragtag, Mercari, and Circulable Supply, modeled by actual Mercari users who use our marketplace to enjoy fashion sustainably in their day-to-day lives.

In collaboration with Goldwin Inc., Tin Pan Alley Co., Ltd., and Baycrew's Co., Ltd, we demonstrated how reuse can allow us to enjoy fashion in a way that is both stylish and environmentally friendly, with the aim of bringing about a circular economy in which we dispose of less and use our limited resources with care.

A supportive message toward the project from the Ministry of the Environment (Environmental Restoration and Recycling Bureau, General Affairs Division, Office of Recycling Promotion and Sound Material-Cycle Society)

  • It is said that the environmental burden of fashion is extremely large. However, the sustainable actions and purchases we make as individuals can change our lives, and contribute to changing the future of our earth as a whole. We look forward to this event raising awareness of sustainable fashion, promoting reuse, and contributing to a brighter future for the next generation.