Mercari Experiments

Can the value of waste materials and unwanted goods be revitalized through creativity?

  • Collection
  • Manufacturing
Mercari Experiments

Project overview

Can we use creativity to find a new method, apart from disposing and recycling, to give new life and value to items that have finished serving their original purpose? With this question in mind, Mercari collaborated with the artist unit Magma for an upcycling project.

For this project, we created chairs and the Mercari logo mark for the entrance to Mercari’s Tokyo office using a variety of scrap materials. We used old and stained chairs that were already in the office as main materials, and for the remaining parts we used scrap materials purchased on the Mercari app.

Our goal is to give new value to items that are considered trash, not only by making them useful again and creatively modifying them, but also by making them into a new form of art. These items are not just a simple logo and chairs; they are a work of art that reflects Mercari’s identity as a marketplace gathering many different things and creating new value.

    Areas of circular economy covered in this experiment: Collection and manufacturing

  • Using scrap items as materials instead of disposing them as waste


Experiment method

    • We collected old and stained chairs that were used in the office

    • Magma purchased additional necessary parts on Mercari

    • Magma put the parts together and rebuilt them to make new chairs

    • We reinstalled them in the office


Experiment results

  • Through upcycling, not only have the chairs regained their original purpose, but the value of the items themselves has been revitalized as a brand touchpoint that reflects both Mercari’s objective to realize a circular economy and the company’s identity as a marketplace gathering many different things and creating new value.

Future outlook