How we protect your privacy

Learn about Mercari Group’s organization and initiatives to ensure that user information is managed safely and appropriately.

  • Building an information security management organization

    Building an information security management organization

    In order to drive information security measures encompassing the entire company, Mercari Group has established an Information Security/System Risk Committee with the CEO as the person ultimately responsible for information security. We also assign a person responsible for information management in each company to ensure appropriate policy decision-making regarding resources and allocation. Through this, we have built an organization that can carry out information security measures swiftly.

  • Safely managing user information

    Safely managing user information

    To prevent unauthorized access, destruction, falsifying, and/or leakage of user information, Mercari Group strives to safely manage user information by carrying out strict safety management measures, supported by our internal regulations and an organization dedicated to safety management.

  • Using and managing cloud services

    Using and managing cloud services

    Mercari Group always strives to create the best possible environment to provide our services, including cloud environments. When we use overseas cloud services, we ensure that all services are appropriate and safe, and we carry out strict management measures internally before using them.