External Recognition and Awards

This page is a list of the results of ESG-related recognition and awards that Mercari has received from external parties.



  • Cabinet Office's Public-Private Partnership Platform for Regional Revitalization SDGs

    Awarded the Cabinet Office's "Best Practice of SDGs for Regional Revitalization With Public‒Private Partnerships” for our initiative to sell oversized garbage on Mercari Shops, etc.

  • Developer eXperience AWARD 2023

    Selected as the number-one company for the engineer-adjudicated “Developer eXperience AWARD 2023”

  • GPIF

    Recognized by GPIF’s asset managers entrusted with domestic equity investment for publication of FY2022.6 Sustainability Report as a most-improved integrated report

  • Kids Design Award

    Received the Minister of State for Consumer Affairs Award for Excellence at the 16th Kids Design Award for creating a fun “Mercari Education” program for learning about the circular economy

  • ESG Finance Awards Japan

    Received the Ministry of the Environment’s Special Award in the Environmental Sustainable Company Category in the 3rd ESG Finance Awards Japan

  • Information Security Incident Response Awards

    Received the Excellence Award at the 7th Information Security Incident Response Awards

  • PRIDE Index 2021

    Awarded the gold rating in the PRIDE Index 2021 (an index used to evaluate LGBT+ friendly companies in Japan) in recognition of initiatives such as making special leave, congratulatory allowance, and other marriage benefits available to same-sex couples, as well as the implementation of an LGBT+ e-learning course for all company employees

  • 2021 D&I Awards

    Received the Grand Prize, the highest award in the "Startup" category of the 2021 D&I Awards, in recognition of our efforts to eliminate inequality of opportunity and change society through initiatives such as our HR data analysis, IT career, and education programs, as well as our partnership with Kamiyama Marutgoto Kosen (tentative name)

Main initiatives of the ESG index

    Selected as a constituent stock of four ESG investment indexes adopted by the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF)

  • Selected as a constituent stock of four ESG investment indexes adopted by the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF)

    • MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index
    • MSCI Japan Women Empowering Index
    • Morningstar GenDi J
    • S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index

  • MSCI ESG Leaders index

    Selected by the MSCI ESG Leaders index

    Links to initiatives with other external agencies

    • Disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions avoided due to reuse of information and communication equipment based on the Ministry of the Environment’s Project to Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Decarbonization-Type 2R Businesses Using Digital Technology
    • Participation in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry GX League
    • Participation in the Japan Reuse Affairs Association


  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

    In June 2021, we announced our support for TCFD, and we disclosed information based on the TCFD recommendations in August 2022.

  • SBT (Science Based Targets)

    In July 2021, we submitted a commitment letter with the aim of obtaining SBT certification.