IP Protection Program

Mercari Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Program

IP Protection Program

The information on this page is a translation of the original document written in Japanese. This English translation was created to provide information about the Mercari IP Protection Program to overseas rights holders and rights holder organizations. Note that all program membership applications, claims for deletion, and all other inquiries must be submitted in Japanese. The original document is available here.

Program introduction

The IP Protection Program is a support program unique to Mercari.

Mercari responds to requests to delete listings that infringe IP rights as stipulated by the Provider Liability Limitation Act, but this program simplifies and speeds up this process for rights holders. As a member of the program, not only will you be able to cut down on the time spent submitting documents every time you file a complaint, but the time to complete your takedown request will also be shorter.

The purpose of the program is to protect IP through cooperation between rights holders and Mercari. Please take a few minutes to review the advantages of this program and to consider registering as a rights holder.

Who is eligible for this program?

IP rights holders (excluding individuals), rights holder organizations, Reliability Verification Organizations (stipulated in the guideline for the Provider Liability Limitation Act)

What rights are protected through this program?

Design Patents
Design Patents
Portrait Rights
Portrait Rights
Publicity Rights
Publicity Rights
Breeders' Rights
Breeders’ Rights

Advantages of enrolling in the program

Submit your identity verification documents (certified copy of your company register) and documents proving that you are the rights holder (*), only at the time you apply to this program, instead of each time you file a claim. Once enrolled in the program, you will be able to make rights infringement claims smoothly by using only the application form exclusively for program subscribers.

*This includes such things as trademark certificates. To file a claim as the holder of additional rights, you must submit additional documents.

How to register in the program

  1. Download the membership application form
  2. Prepare the following required documents:
    ・Filled out and signed/stamped membership application form (one copy)
    ・Certified copy of your company register, issued within the last three months (one copy)
  • Submit your documents
    You can apply for enrollment in the program by sending us your information using the designated form or by sending us your hard copy documents by mail.
    ※Note that all program enrollment applications, claims for deletion, and all other inquiries must be submitted in Japanese.

    Applying online

    Contact us using this form.

    Applying by mail

    Please send the necessary documents to the following address.

    Mailing address: Mercari, Inc. – Mercari IP Protection Program
    18F Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    106-6118, Japan
  • Enrollment screening
    Mercari, Inc. will conduct the screening procedures and notify you of the results.
    ※We do not disclose individual reasons for rejection.
    ※The screening will take approximately a few weeks to one month.
    ※We may contact you for more details regarding information on your application.
  • Registration completion
    You may submit your application using simplified documents.
  • How to file a claim to delete an item

    1. Download the claims form
    2. Prepare the following information (claims form and register of the item in questions):
      ・Provide the URL of the listed item that you would like to take down
      ・Describe the type of IP for which you believe your rights have been infringed
      ・In the claims form, state the specifics of your IP rights, the basis for your claim that your rights were infringed, and explain how the product in question is not genuine. Alternatively, you may also provide this information in a separate document
      ・Enter an email address to be used publicly (This will be disclosed as your contact information if the seller insists that they have not violated IP rights or that the item they listed is genuine.)
      ・Provide the register of the item in question and other rights certification materials
      ※For details on how to fill out the claims form, see the sample claims form.
    3. Open the application form exclusively for members of the IP Protection Program
    4. Provide the following necessary information in the application form:
      ・Name of the person in charge
      ・Company or group name
      ・Division name
      ・Email address
      ・Phone number
      ・Content of your inquiry
      ・Claims form (submit as an attachment)
      ・Reference materials (submit as attachments)
      ※For persons who used a separate document to describe the specifics of their IP rights, provide the grounds of your claim of rights infringement and an explanation about the product in question not being a genuine product.

    5. Send form
      When a message is displayed on the screen stating that the form has been submitted, the application process is complete.
      A Mercari representative will contact you later. Your patience is appreciated.