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Mercari is a smartphone-focused C2C marketplace app allowing anyone with a smartphone to easily sell items they no longer need, providing a new and unique user experience.

In the past, buying and selling secondhand items has commonly been done at physical shops. However, this came with issues: the travel time required to go to these shops, the limited selection of items these shops carry, the unclear prices for both the buyer and seller alike due to the involvement of dealers, and more. Online auction websites for buying and selling secondhand items came with their own problems, including difficult listing procedures and long bidding times.

On Mercari, anyone can use their smartphone to easily buy and sell items. We also provide easy and inexpensive shipping options thanks to our partnerships with delivery companies and convenience stores. As our service is catered to individuals on both the buying and selling sides, anyone can experience the fun of easily selling unneeded items for money and the excitement of finding unique secondhand items to buy.

Introduction to Mercari

Introduction to Merpay


Services Operated by the Mercari Group

The Mercari Group operates Mercari, a C2C marketplace for any and all kinds of items. We also operate the C2C marketplace Mercari in the US.

Beginning October 2014 for Mercari in Japan, and October 2016 for Mercari in the US, we collect a fee for every sale based on the price of the item sold. When an item is purchased, we take a selling fee of 10% of the item price paid by the buyer, and pay the remaining amount to the seller. These selling fees are included in the Mercari Group’s net sales.

Additionally, the Mercari Group launched the mobile payment service Merpay in February 2019, utilizing the technological strength and extensive user and information base cultivated through Mercari, and we are continuing to expand our businesses.
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Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

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