Connecting with the community

A sustainable society

As the world continues to make incredible economic progress, precious resources become more and more scarce. At the same time, we all have unused goods, lying in waste in closets and homes. Mercari makes it easy for anyone to pass these items on to someone new. Through our mobile marketplace, we aim to create a world where goods can be shared all over the globe and used for generations.

Learning through the marketplace

By participating in our live flea market events, children learn the value of money and come to appreciate the things they own. We set up a flea market just for kids, where they can have fun buying and selling their old goods–just like their parents.

Safe for minors

To encourage minors to use Mercari safely, we offer free educational seminars for students and parents. At these seminars, participants can learn about the operation of marketplace apps and how to use them safely. If you would like to organize a seminar, please contact us.