Safe, Secure, and Fair Transactions

この取り組みを通じて目指すゴール: Goal:

Increase the number of users who are able to feel at ease using Mercari’s services


Plans for Initiatives

We believe that for our services to be used by many, it is important not only that we maintain a fair marketplace where individuals and organizations can freely buy and sell, but even more so that we establish a safe environment for transactions that all of our stakeholders—users, merchants, business partners, and more—are able to feel at ease using.
To achieve this, we work to maintain a platform for safe, secure, and fair transactions to prevent any kind of physical, mental, or financial trouble before it happens, and deal with anything that does happen swiftly and appropriately.
To realize a safe, secure, and fair environment for transactions, we strive not only for better interactions with our users, but to utilize technology to root out and prevent transactions that may lead to issues as early on as possible.
We also work with government agencies, consumer groups, NGOs, academics, and other corporations to keep our policies up-to-date and to constantly improve our ability to detect malicious transactions.


Strategies for Initiatives

    Utilizing technology to create safe and secure systems

  • A constantly evolving fraud detection system

    We use a fraud detection system to identify fraudulent transactions and prevent them before damage is done. By combining big data with AI technology, we continuously improve the accuracy of our detection systems.

  • Secure handling of money

    Mercari uses an escrow system for all transactions. We hold on to funds during the transaction, ensuring both parties hold up their end of the deal before money changes hands.

  • Anonymous shipping

    With Mercari’s original shipping methods, RakuRaku Mercari Shipping and YuYu Mercari Shipping, sellers can ship items without either party needing to see the other’s name and address. Mercari also provides support if items are lost or damaged during shipping.

    Keeping our policies up to date with social change

  • Released the price alert feature (End of Aug. 2021)

    Released a price alert feature that notifies users of temporary jumps in price, to ensure that they don’t inadvertently buy items at high prices in cases where demand temporarily outpaces supply for an item, causing prices to surge.

  • Held the Advisory Board on the Ideal Form of a Marketplace (Mar. 2022)

    The Board evaluated how Mercari has operated the marketplace based on the Marketplace Principles established, and held discussions on how to further improve the Marketplace
    Mercari takes part in industry groups and government associations, and uses the knowledge gained regarding recent trends in prohibited items, such as counterfeit items and medical supplies, items with safety issues, and fraudulent transactions, to keep our policies up to date and develop new measures to prevent them.

  • Information collected through a network of authorities, organizations, and businesses

    - Entered into comprehensive partnership agreements with seven companies
    - Continued programs as part of safe and secure initiatives
    - Collaborated with NITE
    - Conducted education programs to help build a safe and secure environment for the service
    - Collaborated with JC3 (Japan Cybercrime Control Center)

    Initiatives for customer service

  • Quick removal of illegal items and accounts

    Our customer service team works 24/7 to make sure any listings or accounts that violate our terms of service are removed as soon as possible, before they are seen by our users.

  • Prevention of future incidents by analyzing user reports

    We analyze the reports we receive from our users to find ways to prevent the same issue or similar suspicious activity from happening in the future.

  • We operate our blog for users and security page as part of our efforts to create a safe and secure environment.
Corporate Governance and Compliance

Corporate Governance and Compliance

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