Corporate Governance and Compliance

この取り組みを通じて目指すゴール: Goal:

Achieve the trust of Mercari Group stakeholders (such as users, society, shareholders, and investors)

Improve the resilience of Mercari Group (adaptability to societal changes and unpredictable situations)



Under the mission "Create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell," Mercari Group has mid-term goals of serving as an entity that contributes to society by creating a circular economy, and establishing a management structure to support the globalization of our businesses.

To realize this goal, with the purpose of further improving our decision-making processes, transparency, and business management efficiency, we strive to put in place a business management system that can fulfill society’s expectations in a way that aligns with all laws, ordinances, and guidelines, as well as discussions with regulatory organizations. We do this while also continuously discussing the ideal status of our management and taking on initiatives to improve our compliance and corporate governance.


  • Structure and Strategies for Corporate Governance

    The Board of Directors, composed of directors well-versed in business and Outside directors with an objective point of view, makes decisions regarding business management direction and execution of major duties, while the Supervisory Board audits the Board of Directors from an independent standpoint. Moreover, through the establishment of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee mostly composed of independent outside directors, we have ensured the fairness and transparency of decisions regarding the nomination and remuneration of top management.

  • Structure and Strategies for Compliance and Risk Management

    For us to fulfill our social responsibilities, achieve continuous growth, and increase our corporate value, we consider securing and training talent and adhering to compliance as major topics for the future growth of our businesses. We strive for thorough adherence to compliance through not only the recruitment of well-experienced experts in each field, but also continuous training for our employees.

  • Structure and Strategies for Security

    To live up to the trust of our users and society at large, and provide a service which people can feel at ease using, we have announced and adhere to our Information Security Policy. Specifically, we take initiatives to continuously improve security measures and send out caution requests for security matters across the Group.

  • Structure and Strategies for Data Privacy

    By collecting information about the users of the various services offered by Mercari Group, we can adapt the services to provide a better experience. At the same time, Mercari Group is aware of the major responsibility that comes with collecting user information. We adhere to all laws, ordinances, and guidelines, such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and have the utmost regard for user privacy while collecting said information.