Local Empowerment

この取り組みを通じて目指すゴール: Goal:

To empower local businesses through Mercari and Merpay



We believe that Mercari can empower individuals and businesses and help solve the issues that society faces.

Our marketplace app not only enables the elimination of waste, but is a method for individuals to find self-fulfillment. Mercari gives people the opportunity to try new things. People can enjoy hobbies and luxuries through the funds earned from selling items and the items purchased at affordable prices, use their skills to make and sell handmade items, and more.

We also plan to provide further opportunities for business growth to individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises through the convenient payment services offered by Merpay and services utilizing data.

Some of Japan’s largest social issues, including the population decline, low birth rate and aging population, are particularly serious in rural areas. Increasing the flow of people to these areas, creating active local economies and stable employment, and empowering youth and families with children are all extremely important tasks.

Through working with local governments, we aim to empower individuals and businesses and support the establishment of systems that will allow local communities to solve the issues they face.



  • Partnerships with local governments

    The Mercari Group partners with local governments to solve problems and bring a higher level of convenience to residents and those involved with local communities. To date, we have entered partnership agreements with Gifu City (Gifu), Sendai (Miyagi), Chiba City (Chiba), Minoh (Osaka), Kobe (Hyogo), Fukuoka City (Fukuoka), Kamakura (Kanagawa), Kashima (Ibaraki), Funabashi(Chiba), Yamada(Iwate), and Kanagawa Prefecture.

  • Local government empowerment through hometown tax donation programs

    Merpay provides online payment services for Furusato Choice, Japan’s largest “benefit-your-locality” tax scheme website, operated by Trustbank, Inc. This allows our users to use the revenue (Merpay balance) they earn from selling items they no longer need on Mercari to contribute to a local government of their choice on Furusato Choice.*
    * Points on Mercari cannot be used for contributions.

  • Business empowerment through Mercari and Merpay

    We are currently working on initiatives to empower local businesses as part of our partnership agreements with local governments.

  • Individual empowerment through Mercari and Merpay (senior citizens, youth, families with children)

    Mercari hosts regional workshops to educate local communities on how to use the Mercari app. We hold classes in cultural centers all over the country for senior citizens and people who have never used the app. In 2019, we hosted workshops in Shizuoka, Kanagawa, Chiba and Tokyo.

Safe, Secure, and Fair Transactions

Safe, Secure, and Fair Transactions

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