Local Empowerment

この取り組みを通じて目指すゴール: Goal:

Promote regional economies and create opportunities for local empowerment


Plans for Initiatives

We believe that Mercari can empower individuals and businesses, stimulate regional economies, and help solve the issues that society faces.
Mercari allows people to buy and sell things easily, regardless of what region they live in. Mercari gives people the opportunity to open up new sources of income from selling items, use their skills to make and sell handmade items, and find self-fulfillment by taking on new challenges.
Through Mercari Shops, we are now able to support the e-commerce experience of not just individuals, but also local businesses by cooperating with local governments and other institutions.
As Merpay’s coverage grows wider, we can also help stimulate local economies through cashless payments. And, through the efforts of Kashima Antlers, the technologies and assets owned by Mercari Group are utilized to maximum effect, establishing the club as a supportive force in solving regional challenges.


Strategies for Initiatives

  • Undertake partnership agreements with local governments

    We have entered into agreements and partnerships with 43 local governments.
    - Encouraging reuse on the waste collection calendars and other materials distributed by local governments
    - Running Mercari Workshops
    - Welcoming local government employees as dispatched workers
    - Handing out free Mercari Ecoboxes to local residents as a proof of concept

  • Expanded Mercari Donation feature

    Mercari provides a service called Mercari Donation, where users can donate their sales balance to an organization such as a local government of their choosing. Currently, there are 95 potential recipients to choose from in this program.

    - Local governments: 22
    - Charity organizations: 14
    - Organizations promoting a circular economy: 59

  • Supporting local businesses to open online shops with Mercari Shops

    We are supporting local businesses to open online shops with Mercari Shops.
    - After the full-scale launch on October 7, 2021, there were over 200,000 shops opened in the first six months
    - For 55% of users, it was their first time opening an online shop
    - Holding over 150 seminars to support business owners opening online shops on Mercari Shops
    - Featuring shops from three Tohoku prefectures to support their disaster relief efforts
    - Helping local governments sell oversized garbage, etc.

  • Contributions to regional growth through Kashima Antlers

    The Kashima Antlers is aiming to develop the city of Kashima and create a circular economy together with city residents, its partner companies, and soccer fans.
    - Setting up a permanent recycling drop-off facility
    - Conducting beach cleanups
    - Choosing eco-friendly products that are good for the ocean
    - Offering career support for middle schoolers in the community

Safe, Secure, and Fair Transactions

Safe, Secure, and Fair Transactions

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