Creating a Circular Economy/Mitigating Climate Change

この取り組みを通じて目指すゴール: Goal:

Maximize our positive impact (Creating a circular economy)

Minimize our negative impact (Mitigating climate change)


We believe that our environment forms the foundation for all human activity.

Electric power, naturally-occurring materials, and the planet’s other resources are essential not only to providing food, shelter, and clothing so that people may lead their lives, but also for Mercari to continue its business.
However, data shows us that humanity is depleting natural resources 1.6 times faster than the ecosystem can regenerate them.*1 Moreover, the collection, production, and usage methods of natural resources are affecting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, leading to the acceleration of global warming and climate change.*2

For these reasons, we aim to revise our practices to an extent that allows us to continue our business while minimizing our environmental impact as much as possible.
We also intend to change people’s consumption behavior to be more sustainable by expanding the Mercari marketplace, which allows disused items to be passed along to the next user, to the entire globe.

We aim to be a Planet-Positive business that can contribute to solving environmental issues and help to share the earth's limited resources among people and every living being on the planet for generations to come.



    Collaboration: Creating a circular economy throughout all links of the value chain

  • Creating partnerships with brick-and-mortar stores, such as a Mercari Repair Shop

  • Making it possible to donate to organizations promoting a circular economy through Mercari Donation

  • Joining global initiatives (supporting TCFD, providing information to CDP,Announced to set SBT)

    Minimize our negative impact (future actions)

  • Reviewing how we procure electricity for our offices

  • Reviewing our internal procurement policies

  • Carbon offsetting

  • Popularizing reusing and recycling packaging materials

  • Considering initiatives with suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

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