Mercari / Sustainability

Creating a Circular Economy


  • To eliminate waste and realize a society where value is circulated


Mercari’s mission is to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell. We aim to eliminate waste and achieve a society in which the earth’s resources are used effectively.

Take, for instance, the clothes we wear regularly. We buy 60% more clothing today than we did 15 years ago, but only keep that clothing for half the time*1. There are also studies showing that the amount of clothes we buy in one year is less than half of the total amount produced*2.

We strongly believe that such social and environmental issues must be solved, and that there is a necessity to shift from the current trends of mass production and mass consumption to circular production and consumption models to use the earth’s limited resources effectively.

The Mercari Group’s services are making the concept of reuse more accessible and familiar to all. We are also taking various initiatives to spread better consumption behavior by encouraging people to make purchases with the intention of selling the item when they no longer need it. In this way, we are working towards a circular economy in which things that are still of use can be passed on to the hands of those who need it, in the exact amount needed.

*1: Reference: McKinsey, “The State of Fashion Report” (2019) *2: Reference: Study by Kojima Fashion Marketing based on household surveys by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and trade statistics by the Ministry of Finance


Continuous growth of the Mercari and Merpay businesses
Planning and release of reusable packaging materials (Mercari Eco Pack)
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