Mercari Eco Pack

Planning and release of reusable packaging materials


Toward a circular economy

So far, there have been more than 2.5 billion items listed on Mercari. Our users have found new value in items that would have otherwise been thrown away, and by reusing them, we are moving one step closer to a society without waste. At Mercari, we aim for a world where our limited resources are used wisely, so we are taking on the challenge of promoting the reuse of not only items, but also packaging materials.

Building new habits

The first step to promoting the reuse of packaging materials is to create the habit of not throwing them away immediately. To do this, we created the Mercari Eco Pack—a form of packaging that can be reused hundreds of times. This eco pack was designed to be passed along from one user to another, like a baton. By encouraging this kind of circulation, we hope to help people build a habit of reusing the packaging materials they receive.
Building new habits
After releasing the first edition, we noticed that some users were wrapping cosmetics and other small items for further protection before placing them inside the eco pack. That’s why for the second edition, we’ve updated the design by adding three inner pockets of different sizes to encourage even more package-less transactions.
Building new habits
Characteristics of the Mercari Eco Pack
Durable: Made of durable material that is used in products like tents so it can be reused to ship items over and over
Water-resistant: Protects items from water damage with tarpaulin material
Padded: Designed with 3 mm thick padding on all sides to absorb any outside impact

If you receive a Mercari Eco Pack, you can go ahead and use it to pack and ship your next sold item.

H: 193 mm, W: 312 mm

Compatible shipping sizes
RakuRaku Mercari Shipping, Nekopos (A4, up to 3 cm thick)
YuYu Mercari Shipping, Yu-Packet / Yu-Packet Post (A4, up to 3 cm thick)

Mercari’s sustainability goals

At Mercari, we aim for a sustainable society without waste, by focusing on only what is absolutely necessary.