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Mercari Publishes In-House Training on LGBT+ Awareness: Mercari Pride E-Learning

Mercari, Inc. (“Mercari”) has published its in-house online LGBT+ training, Mercari Pride E-Learning, on the Diversity & Inclusion (“D&I”) page of its careers site.

Mercari works to promote Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), aiming to build teams that respect members’ diverse experiences and perspectives under our mission of “create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell.” Past initiatives include the launch of Pride@Mercari, an internal community established by LGBT+ employees and supporters of LGBT+ individuals, known as allies1. Mercari developed this e-learning training program in-house with the goal of increasing company-wide understanding toward LGBT+ individuals. The training has been conducted as a part of internal D&I initiatives for all employees since 2021.

According to a survey conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government2, 33% of individuals identifying as LGBT+ have experienced some form of hardship as a sexual minority. This statistic points at the several issues society still faces for promoting understanding toward LGBT+ individuals. The survey also indicated that the most commonly experienced issues stem from a lack of understanding and knowledge. Mercari conducted a survey at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 20223, in which many expressed interest in the release of this internal training program.

Mercari has released Mercari Pride E-Learning with the goal of increasing understanding toward LGBT+ individuals and creating an environment where all can succeed.

1. See here for more information on LGBT+ related initiatives at Mercari:  https://about.mercari.com/press/news/articles/20211111_prideindex2021/ (Japanese only) 

2. March 2022 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Survey on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: https://www.soumu.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/10jinken/base/upload/item/R3chosa.pdf (Japanese only)

3. In the survey conducted of booth visitors at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2022, held April 22 to 24, in response to the question “Which of these do you think Mercari should do more of?”, 141 selected “Publish LGBTQ+ related training material used within Mercari.” https://about.mercari.com/press/news/articles/20220418_tokyorainbowpride2022/ (Japanese only)

Mercari Pride E-Learning

Led by the internal community Pride@Mercari, Mercari Pride E-Learning is an in-house online training program designed to increase understanding toward LGBT+ individuals and promote D&I. The training has been mandatory for all employees since 2021.

Third-party institutions specializing in LGBT+ advocacy conducted a review of the training before this external release.

Published Materials:

1. Mercari Pride E-Learning Video

We have published a video of our Mercari Pride E-Learning online training.

The video can be found at the link below: https://vimeo.com/719752764/db99176864

2. Mercari Pride E-Learning Slides

We have also published the slides and script used in the video.

The slides can be downloaded as a PDF from the following links.

Slides: https://merc.li/93ENw7kna

Slides with script included: https://merc.li/Kp8Mdx36a

Going forward, Mercari will continue to carry out Mercari Pride E-Learning and various other initiatives to promote D&I.