Mercari Group’s Actions in Response to COVID-19


As various societal challenges have arisen with the spread of COVID-19, Mercari Group hopes to contribute to society in this state of emergency by doing what we can: helping to deliver necessities and other items to improve life at home, helping people generate money for themselves in a time of need by selling items they no longer need, and helping people use that money through cashless payments in more locations both online and offline. (A Message from Mercari’s Group CEO, 4/8/2020)


2020.5.1 Merpay
Merpay launched a takeaway and delivery service special page.(Japanese)

2020.4.27 Press Release
Mercari launched the donation project “Stay Home & Share Smiles” in response to extension of voluntary restraint request made by the Japanese Government due to the spread of the novel coronavirus.(Japanese)

2020.4.27 Notice
Mercari started a childcare support program outside school time in response to the temporary closure of schools all over Japan.(Japanese)

2020.4.14 Official Blog
[Important] Listings of Cloth Masks Issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare(Japanese)

2020.4.14 Notice
Confirmed Case of COVID-19 at Mercari and Our Response(Japanese)

2020.4.8 Notice
Mercari and Merpay to Implement Conclusion of Contracts with Electronic Signatures in Response to the Spread of COVID-19(Japanese)

2020.4.8 Notice
A Message from Mercari’s Group CEO

2020.3.27 Official Blog
Impact of COVID-19 on Transactions(Japanese)

2020.3.10 Official Blog
Listings of Face Masks Now Prohibited in Response to the Spread of COVID-19(Japanese)

2020.2.28 Official Blog
Transactions of Daily Necessities Impacted by the Spread of COVID-19(Japanese)

2020.2.27 Official Blog
Reminder: Transactions of Masks and Other Protective Items(Japanese)

2020.2.18 Notice
Mercari’s Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)(Japanese)