Educational Programs for Using
Marketplace Apps Safely & Securely


Using Marketplace Apps Safely & Securely

This educational program offered by Mercari teaches young people, guardians, and educators how marketplace apps and other C2C services work, gives case studies illustrating how to avoid trouble when buying and selling, and asks participants to proactively consider how they can use these apps in a safe and secure way.
Using Marketplace Apps Safely & Securely
Using Marketplace Apps Safely & Securely

Educational Slides and Lesson Plan

The following slides and lessons plans have been made available for teaching information ethics and consumer education in the classroom.

The videos include scenes of young people using marketplace apps, providing students with an idea of how to use these apps safely and securely. Students will proactively consider where problems exist and what action to take as they watch the videos, later discussing in groups and presenting their opinions. The facilitator then uses the slides to provide a wrap-up explanation. A leaflet is also provided for students to review what they learned.

(Only available in Japanese)

Success Stories

To date, we have held these workshops at elementary, junior high, and senior high schools; boards of education; and consumer affairs centers across Japan.

This program has also been registered to the following board of education consortiums and educational programs.

Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education: Prefectural High School Learning Activity Consortium
Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education Tokyo Municipal High Schools’ Volunteer Program to Support Social/Occupational Education

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