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Announcing the launch of Mercard! A comprehensive, flexible credit card, perfectly suited to the Merpay & Mercari ecosystem

Buy and sell items on Mercari or make purchases at stores to earn up to 4% points back, and an additional 8% on the 8th of each month

Merpay, Inc. (“Merpay”) is proud to announce the launch of a new credit card called “Mercard” on November 8, 2022 (JST)1. The credit limit on the card is determined by use of the Mercari marketplace app, and the card can be used and managed from the app as well. Together with the launch of Mercard, we are also offering up to 4% points back2 when users use their Mercard or deferred payment through Merpay Smart Payments.

The Mercard application is quick and simple—for users who have already completed their identity verification within the Mercari app, the process can take as little as one minute. Plus, the card can be used at approximately 39 million3 JCB-participating stores in Japan and overseas. Mercard also offers an unprecedented new credit card experience through the Mercari app, which includes immediate use notifications and usage history confirmation, the ability to flexibly select payment dates and payment methods, and flexible credit limits and a point-back rate based on Mercari usage.

The official Mercard website:

In addition, to commemorate the launch of Mercard, Mercari is planning on holding the following special promotional offers: 1,000 points awarded for signing up for and completing the initial setup of Mercard, points equivalent to 25% of the amount spent, and point-back deals at certain stores4.

1.Phased rollout of applications for and use of Mercard to Mercari app users starting today. You must be at least 20 years old to use Mercard. All applicants will go through a screening process before they can be approved for a card.
2.Only Mercard holders are eligible for point-back rewards.
3.As of March 31, 2022. Mercard is a credit card shopping service.
4.Further details regarding these promotions can be found in the following newspage.

Overview of Mercard Services

Mercard is a physical credit card. Credit limits and point-back rates are determined based on the user’s Mercari usage and other factors. Mercard is highly compatible with the Mercari ecosystem, allowing users to do everything in-app, from the initial application for the card to instant notifications of use, usage history confirmation, and flexible payment management.

Users who have already verified their identity can complete the Mercard application in as little as one minute5 and receive their card in as few as four days. Mercard is a JCB brand card, so it can be used at about 39 million JCB participating stores both in Japan and abroad.

Additionally, the Mercari app can be used to manage your Mercard. For example, through the Mercari app, you can confirm payments, manage your card usage history, and pay your Mercard bill, with instant notifications sent to the app when payments are made. Paying your Mercard bill is easy, since you can use your Mercari sales balance and also flexibly select payment dates from the first to the last day of the following month. For example, you could set your payment day to be your payday or the day when you receive your Mercari sales balance. This allows users to pay their bills at a time that best fits their schedules and lifestyles. Mercard will also offer a new and unprecedented credit card experience. One part of this is that individual users’ credit limits and point-back rates will not be determined by conventional factors like age and occupation, but will be based on Mercari usage.

Other factors that have been taken into consideration with Mercard are safety and security, as well as the promotion of a circular economy. In addition to being numberless, thus preventing your card from being used by an unauthorized third party in the unlikely event of loss or theft, the Mercari app can easily be used to suspend or resume use of the card. Also, Mercard applications and card statements are completely paperless. Mercard is an eco-friendly, sustainable credit card that uses 85.5% recycled plastic materials, which means that, compared to the conventional card manufacturing process, Mercard has an 8.5% reduction in CO2 emissions per card6.

5.Estimated time required to complete the Mercard application forms. Please be sure to thoroughly read the Terms of Service before you apply.
6.Calculated by IDEMIA Japan K.K.

The Four Pillars of Mercard

1. Complete the Mercard application from the Mercari app in as little as one minute!
The initial application takes as little as one minute for Mercari users who have already verified their identity. You can receive and start using your card in as little as four days.

2. Visualize and manage your Mercard usage right from the Mercariapp!
When your Mercard is used, you will receive an instant notification right to your Mercari app. You can also check your usage history, set spending limits, and make partial payments.

3. Flexibly choose the timing and method of your payments!
Payments are made each month for the amount used in the previous month, but because you can use your Mercari sales balance, and with flexible payment schedules that allow you to make payments at any time, from the first to the last day of the month, you can craft a personalized payment plan that best fits your lifestyle.
Furthermore, while you can pay for an entire month of card use at once in a lump-sum style payment, Mercard also allows you to select individual purchases to pay for in advance of others. For example, your monthly payments can even be reduced by using proceeds from the sales of your items on Mercari as your Merpay balance.

4. Benefit from a unique credit system in which limits are determined by Mercari/Merpay usage rather than age and occupation!7

Mercard’s spending limit can be up to 500,000 yen8. An AI is used to determine each user’s credit rate, which is based on past Mercari usage rather than only conventional factors like age, occupation, and annual income.

7.”Comprehensive Credit Purchase Intermediary” in Installment Sales Act. ((Certification) No.1 / Registration date: August 27, 2021)
8. Each user has their own credit limit. The total amount of Mercard and Merpay Smart Payments usage combined may not exceed 500,000 yen.

Three Features That Make Mercard Safe & Secure

Mercard is outfitted with many features to ensure safety and security, including the ability to easily suspend and resume card usage via the Mercari app in the event that the card is lost or stolen.

Overview of Point-Back System

In addition to the launch of Mercard, from November 8, 2022 (JST), point-back rewards will also start being offered to Mercard and Merpay Smart Payments deferred payment users. This kind of constant point-back rewards system is a first for Mercari Group. Mercard holders can earn points back by using their card for purchases, but also by using Merpay Smart Payments via QR code or iD payment.

Your point-back rate is determined based on your usage of Mercari and Merpay (e.g. items bought and sold on Mercari and payments made with Merpay), with a maximum of 4% for purchases made on Mercari and 1% for all other purchases. Also, on the 8th of every month, users can earn an additional 8% points back9 on top of their normal point-back rate when using Mercard and Merpay Smart Payments.
9.On the 8th of each month, users can get an additional 8% points back, with an upper limit of 300 points.

With Mercard, and by constantly rewarding use with points back, Mercari Group aims to expand the Mercari experience to encompass a wider variety of domains than ever before—users can purchase new items to earn points, and even settle payments with their accumulated points and sales proceeds from buying items on Mercari.

Details of Mercard and the Point-Back Reward System

Items Details

Annual membership fees




User requirements

You must be at least 20 years old and meet the requirements for either 1 or 2, and 3, below.
1.You have a registered bank account from which payments can be made.
2.You have completed identity verification (eKYC).
3.You have passed the screening and are able to use the fixed-amount payment feature.
Note: The bank account that you register for payment is not the same type as a bank account required to request payouts; you must have a bank account registered to add money to your Merpay balance.

Credit limit

The maximum amount of credit available to each user will differ based on their past use of Mercari among other factors. The total amount of Mercard and Merpay Smart Payments usage combined may not exceed 500,000 yen per month.
Note: In some cases, the user may be unable to use Mercard, depending on their usage history up to that point.
Important: Must be 20 years or older.

Payment method

Your Mercard bill can be paid with your Merpay balance (including your Mercari sales balance), at convenience stores and ATMs, via automatic withdrawal from a bank account, or from points earned through promotions.

Payment period

You can settle a payment at any time on or after the first day of the month following the month in which you made the purchase.

Handling fees

Lump-sum payments: None
Fixed-amount payments: Annual interest rate of 15%Note: Interest accumulates daily starting after the purchase is made.

Point-back rate

Purchases on Mercari: 1% to 4%
Payments made outside of Mercari: 1%

Note: Initial point-back rate is determined based on past Mercari usage among other factors.
An additional 8% points back is available on the 8th of each month.
On the 8th of each month, users can get an additional 8% points back, with an upper limit of 300 points.

Conditions for
point-back rewards

Eligible payments:
The amount of points is calculated based on the amount of the purchase made with Mercard or Merpay Smart Payments.
Note: Various fees not included.Date points are awarded:Lump-sum payments:
At time of payment
Fixed-amount payments: At the time of initial paymentPoint expiration date:
Points expire after 1 year
Maximum points back:
Purchases made on Mercari: Semi-annual (April–September / October–March) maximum of 30,000 points back
Payments made outside of Mercari: No upper limit

From Signing Up to Getting Started

Users who have already verified their identity can easily complete the application from the Mercari app in as little as one minute.

Under its mission of “building trust for a seamless society,” Merpay promotes the concept of “circular finance,” in which all people can access financial services through a variety of types of credit. Mercard will enable more people than ever before to take advantage of Mercari’s unique credit system and contribute to realizing a society in which more people have more opportunities to pursue and achieve their dreams.