Press release

Mercari Establishes ESG Committee Under Direct Supervision of Senior Management to Promote ESG Across Mercari Group

ESG Officer Appointed for Each Group Company to Balance Business and ESG Initiatives

Mercari, Inc. (“Mercari”) announces that it has appointed ESG officers for each of its business divisions and established an ESG committee to advise the company’s Senior Executive Committee, which carries out management discussions and decision-making for Mercari Group. The goal of this move is to promote ESG across the Group as part of the company’s efforts to realize a society where finite resources are used sparingly and everyone can create new value.

Mercari joins a growing number of Japanese companies that have established organizations dedicated to promoting ESG following the revision of Japan’s Corporate Governance Code in June 2021. The revised code has elevated the importance of appropriately addressing sustainability and other social/environmental issues as management challenges.

In August 2021, Mercari updated the five topics defined as the Group’s materiality (topics that Mercari must take on in order to realize the company’s long-term vision), as they relate to creating value to contribute to resolving social and environmental issues through the company’s business, and creating the management foundation necessary for continuous growth. The company also compiled a list of goals and actions to take for each material topic1.

■ Mercari’s Material Topics

  • Creating a Circular Economy/Mitigating Climate Change
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Local Empowerment
  • Safe, Secure, and Fair Transactions
  • Corporate Governance and Compliance

1: For more details, see Mercari’s Sustainability Report( https://about.mercari.com/sustainability/

In order to better incorporate ESG perspectives into management decisions and execution processes, and to strengthen coordination within the Group regarding these material topics, Mercari leadership has appointed seven ESG officers, one from each Mercari Group company, under the supervision of Shuji Kawano, Senior Vice President, Management Strategy. Involving these officers in business-related management decisions from an ESG perspective will allow Mercari to balance its businesses and ESG initiatives with respect to the company’s materiality. This will also ensure a structure that allows Mercari to swiftly implement and promote these initiatives.

Furthermore, Mercari has established an ESG committee to ensure sufficient time for discussions regarding ESG in meetings of the Senior Executive Committee, which carries out discussions and decision-making involving the management of the Group. With Mercari CEO Shintaro Yamada as chairperson, this committee is composed of the CEOs of each Mercari Group company, as well as ESG officers and other members nominated by the chairperson. They will meet four times per year to formulate ESG-related implementation plans and monitor progress on each of the material topics.

■ ESG Committee Overview

Purpose: This committee aims to ensure sufficient time for regular discussions regarding ESG as an important management topic in order to enable better discussions and enhance the quality of decisions made by the Senior Executive Committee.

Organizational structure:

List of ESG Officers

Overall Supervision Mercari, Inc.
Senior Vice President, Management Strategy
Shuji Kawano
Mercari JP Mercari, Inc.
CS Division
Michihito Nishigaki
Mercari US Mercari, Inc. (US)
Marketing Strategy
Walter Hangad
Merpay Merpay, Inc.
Yoshiko Otsuka
Kashima Antlers Kashima Antlers F.C. Co., Ltd.
Management Strategy Team
Yusuke Kaneko
Souzoh Souzoh, Inc.
Mai Suenaga
Mercoin Merpay, Inc. / Mercoin, Inc.
Public Relations Team
Yuichi Miyamoto
Merlogi To be determined at a later date

Mercari will continue to commit to ESG through both its business and corporate activities to contribute to realizing a society where finite resources are used sparingly and everyone can create new value.