Notice of Appointment of New Senior Vice President

Mercari, Inc. (“Mercari”) announces that, at the Board of Directors meeting held on December 15, 2022, it resolved to newly appoint Sayaka Eda (current position: Vice President of Corporate, Chief Financial Officer) to the position of Senior Vice President, with the assumption of office scheduled for January 1, 2023.


Name New Position Current Position
Sayaka Eda Senior Vice President of Corporate,
Chief Financial Officer
Vice President of Corporate,
Chief Financial Officer

■ Name and profile of new Senior Vice President

Sayaka Eda

Sayaka completed her pre-doctoral course (master’s degree) at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering from Keio University Graduate School. In April 2006, she joined Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. After joining the company, she was engaged in investment/loan projects that utilize their own funds, etc., and was appointed as a Managing Director at the same company in 2017 based on her extensive financial knowledge outside of corporate finance. Outside of her work, she also serves as the Co-Chair of the Japan Women’s Network and leads the promotion of D&I. Sayaka became CFO in January 2021, later taking on the additional role of VP of Corporate in July 2022.

■ Reason for appointment and expected role

Sayaka Eda is expected to contribute to diversity in decision-making among senior management of Mercari, as well as to the promotion of diversity & inclusion (D&I) at the company, by utilizing her experience and expertise in corporate governance at the company and her unique viewpoint as someone with extensive experience at a major foreign-based financial institution and comprehensive knowledge of finance. As Senior Vice President of Corporate, she is also expected to engage in organizational management for the corporate division and lead the planning and execution of such things as Mercari Group’s financial strategy, IR strategy, and enhancement of legal functions, corporate governance, and risk management structures from a mid- to long-term perspective.

■ New management execution structure

Starting January 1, 2023, Mercari’s management execution structure will be as follows.

(Changes in bold)

Name Position
Shintaro Yamada Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer
Hirohisa Tamonoki Senior Vice President of Global Expansion
John Lagerling Senior Vice President of Global Strategy / Chief Executive Officer of Mercari, Inc. (US)
Naoki Aoyagi Senior Vice President of Japan Region / Chief Executive Officer of Mercoin, Inc.
Shuji Kawano Senior Vice President of Management Strategy
Sayaka Eda Senior Vice President of Corporate, Chief Financial Officer / Director of Merpay, Inc.

Mercari Group will continue to take on challenges under this new management execution structure in working to achieve its mission to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell.