Press release

Mercari Establishes Mercari Software Technologies India Private Limited

Mercari, Inc. (“Mercari”) established a new overseas subsidiary named Mercari Software Technologies India Private Limited (“India Center of Excellence”) in Bengaluru, Republic of India on June 23, 2022. 

Please see the link below for more details on the background of this establishment.


Overview of the India Center of Excellence
Company Name: Mercari Software Technologies India Private Limited
Location: 10/2A 10/2B, 3rd Floor, Sunriver Building, Off Intermediate Ring Road, EGL, Challaghatta, Domlur, Bangalore-560071, Karnataka, India
Established: June 23, 2022
Capital: 30 million rupees 
Main Business Activities: Development of internet services
Executive Directors:
・Executive Director, Managing Director: Ken Wakasa
・Executive Director, Head of Engineering: Mohan Bhatkar
・Executive Director, Head of Corporate: Junichi Nozaki
[7/11 9:30 Update] Location has been updated due to change of address

Mercari is strengthening recruiting efforts at the India Center of Excellence. For any inquiries regarding this, please contact us from the link below.

With the establishment of the India Center of Excellence, Mercari will continue to accelerate growth toward becoming a global tech company.