Mercari Announces Appointment of New Director, Auditor, and Substitute Auditor

Mercari, Inc. has announced that as of the 9th Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting held on September 29, 2021, Norio Murakami has been appointed as new Director, Daiken Tsunoda as new Auditor, and Toshihiro Igi as Substitute Auditor.

Career history of the new Director, Auditor, and Substitute Auditor

Name Career summary

Norio Murakami

Outside Director

(Date of birth: March 31, 1947)

Apr. 1970: Joined Hitachi Electric Inc. (currently Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.)

Apr. 2003: Vice President of Google, Inc. (currently Google LLC) and Representative Director and President of Google Japan, Inc. (currently Google Japan G.K.)

Jan. 2009: Honorary Chairman of Google Japan, Inc. (currently Google Japan G.K.)

Jan. 2011: Established Norio Murakami Office Co., Ltd., Representative Director (current position)

Mar. 2012: Outside Director of V-cube, Inc. (current position)

Aug. 2013: External Director of Weathernews Inc.

Dec. 2014: President and Representative Director of ENERES Co., Ltd.

Oct. 2016: Chairman and Representative Director of ENERES Co., Ltd.

Oct. 2017: Outside Director of CellSource Co., Ltd. (current position)

Daiken Tsunoda

Outside Auditor 

(Date of birth: January 29, 1967)

Apr. 1994: Admitted to the Tokyo Bar Association 

Attorney of Mori Sogo (currently Mori Hamada & Matsumoto)

Jan. 2001: Partner of Mori Sogo

Mar. 2003: Founder and Partner of Nakamura & Tsunoda (currently Nakamura, Tsunoda & Matsumoto) (current position)

June 2005: Outside Corporate Auditor of INES Corporation

Apr. 2008: Outside Corporate Auditor of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group Holdings, Incorporated (currently MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.)

Apr. 2010: Outside Director of MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.

Apr. 2014: Outside Director of Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. (current position)

June 2016: Outside Director of Eisai Co., Ltd.

Aug. 2021: Outside Director (Member of the Audit and Supervisory Committee) of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (current position)

Toshihiro Igi

Substitute Auditor

(Date of birth: 

July 6, 1968)

Apr. 1998: Registered as an attorney at law; Admitted to Daini Tokyo Bar Association; Joined Mitsui, Yasuda, Wani & Maeda

Sept. 2009: Representative Director of Cyberbond Corporation (current position)

July 2011: Established Igi Law Office (current position)

Feb. 2013: Outside Audit and Supervisory Board Member of the Company 

June 2016: Outside Director of SAKURA internet Inc. (current position)

Reasons for selection and overview of expected duties

Norio Murakami (Outside Director)

Norio Murakami is expected to supervise and provide advice to the management of the Company as it continues to grow, by utilizing the experience of global corporate management and technical knowledge that he has accumulated in such roles as Representative Director and President and Honorary Chairman of Google Japan, Inc. (currently Google Japan G.K.) As a member of the Nomination and Remuneration Advisory Committee he is also expected to be involved in deliberating the assessment and remuneration of Directors, Audit and Supervisory Board Members, and Senior Vice Presidents, and in discussions aimed at enhancing the corporate governance system.

Daiken Tsunoda (Outside Auditor)

As a practicing partner at a law office possessing a high level of expertise in the area of corporate law, Daiken Tsunoda has experience as an outside audit and supervisory board member and outside director at other companies, and is particularly knowledgeable in the areas of the Companies Act and corporate governance, for which reasons the Company believes that he will contribute to the corporate governance, internal controls, and audit of the Company.

Toshihiro Igi (Substitute Auditor)

Toshihiro Igi has experience as an attorney at law and as an outside director at another company, and has a high level of knowledge of corporate legal affairs and compliance. Moreover, having served as an Outside Audit and Supervisory Board Member of the Company since 2013, he has provided appropriate advice and opinions in relation to the building of an internal control system. For these reasons, the Company believes he will continue to contribute to the Company’s corporate governance, internal controls, and audit.

New leadership structure

Name Position and responsibilities at Mercari
Shintaro Yamada Representative Director, CEO
Fumiaki Koizumi Director President (Chairman of the Board)
Ken Takayama Outside Director
Makiko Shinoda Outside Director
Norio Murakami Outside Director
Mayumi Tochinoki Auditor
Fumiyuki Fukushima Outside Auditor
Daiken Tsunoda Outside Auditor

Mercari’s Board of Directors is composed of Directors who are well versed in the company’s business, as well as Outside Directors who can bring an objective perspective to deliberations. In aiming for a leadership structure that can support continued globalization of the business, the Board decides on fundamental business management policy and execution of key business, while the Supervisory Board audits Directors’ performance from an independent perspective. Mercari has also established a Nomination and Remuneration Advisory Committee composed mostly of independent Outside Directors, thereby ensuring that leadership nominations and compensation are fair and transparent.

Under this new leadership structure, Mercari will continue to pursue its mission, to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell.