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Mercari Publishes “Mercari Culture Doc” Summarizing the Company’s Shared Values and Perspectives

Creating an Environment Where Employees from All Backgrounds Can Thrive Regardless of Their Choice of Work Style by Sharing Knowledge and Methods on Building a Company Culture

Mercari, Inc. (“Mercari”) has published Mercari Culture Doc, an internal document that summarizes the behaviors and mindset shared by Mercari and its employees.


Due to the impact of COVID-19, and with remote work becoming more prevalent, many organizations are now facing challenges such as lack of communication among members or maintaining strong teamwork. It is more important than ever for organizations to put their culture into words to ensure smooth communication and decision-making.

Mercari has held its three values, Go Bold, All for One, and Be a Pro, from its very first year. These values were established in order for Mercari to achieve its mission to “create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell,” and the company has cherished its values and culture within the organization ever since.

As diversity within the organization increased, with approximately 50% of the engineering organization consisting of non-Japanese members, the Mercari Culture Doc was created in July 2019 as an internal document in order to summarize Mercari’s culture and create an environment where employees from all backgrounds can thrive and perform at their best.

Mercari has updated the Mercari Culture Doc to define shared, foundations as the company moves to “Mercari’s New Normal Work Style ‘Your Choice,’”* a new work style policy launched on September 1, 2021, that focuses on accommodating employees’ diverse ways of working. ​​By sharing the Mercari Culture Doc outside of the company, Mercari aims to create an environment where employees from all backgrounds can thrive regardless of their choice of work style.

*With Mercari’s New Normal Work Style “Your Choice,” each employee is able to select the work style that maximizes performance and value for both themselves and their organization. The policy gives employees the freedom to decide whether to work remotely or in the office, what kind of environment to work in, and other working conditions. For more details, see here:

For more details, see here:

Going forward, Mercari will continue to aim to build a globally competitive organization and ramp up work on building a company culture, and actively share the knowledge and experience gained.