Notice of Appointment of New Director and New Audit and Supervisory Board Member

Mercari, Inc. hereby announces that at the company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on September 27, 2019, Hirohisa Tamonoki was appointed as a new Director and Mayumi Tochinoki was appointed as a new Audit and Supervisory Board Member, and the two assumed their new positions on the same date.

Names and career summaries of the new appointees

Name Career summary
Hirohisa Tamonoki

(Born May 4, 1981)

Apr. 2004: Joined GMO Hosting and Technologies, Inc. (currently GMO CLOUD K.K.) 

Mar. 2010: Joined pixiv Inc. 

Jan. 2013: Executive Officer of pixiv Inc. 

Sept. 2014: Director and COO of pixiv Inc. 

Oct. 2014: Representative Director and Vice President of animateLAB,Inc. 

Jan. 2016: Representative Director and President of animateLAB,Inc. 

Feb. 2017: Vice President of the Company 

Oct. 2018: Vice President of the Company CEO of Mercari Japan 

Sep. 2019: Director of the Company, CEO of Mercari Japan (current position)

Mayumi Tochinoki

(Born October 25, 1967)

Sept. 1991: Joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited 

Oct. 1995: Joined J.P. Morgan Securities Asia Ltd. (currently JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd.) 

Mar. 2003: Head of Internal Audit Department of JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd. 

June 2007: Head of Compliance Testing Group in Asian Region of JPMorgan Securities. 

Mar. 2013: Head of Compliance and Risk Assessment in Asian Region of JPMorgan Securities. 

Sept. 2013: Executive Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer of Standard & Poor’s Ratings Japan K.K. (currently S&P Global Ratings Japan Inc.) 

Jan. 2019: Vice President, Head of Internal Audit of the Company

Sep. 2019: Auditor of the Company (current position)

Sep. 2019: Auditor of Merpay, Inc. (current position)


Mercari, Inc. will continue to take on challenges under this new management structure, which includes the newly-appointed director and auditor set out above, in working to achieve its mission to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell.