Press release

Notice of Appointment of New Directors

Mercari, Inc. hereby announces that at the company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on September 28, 2018, Naoki Aoyagi, Ken Takayama, and Masashi Namatame were appointed as new directors and assumed their new positions on the same date.

■Names and career summaries of new directors

Name Career summary
Naoki Aoyagi
(Born August 22, 1979)
Apr. 2002: Joined Deutsche Securities Limited (currently Deutsche Securities Inc.)

Mar. 2006: Joined GREE, Inc.

July 2006: Director of GREE, Inc.

Jan. 2011: CEO and Board Member of GREE International, Inc.

Mar. 2014: Representative Director of Glossom, Inc.

Nov. 2017: Vice President of the Company

Nov. 2017: Representative Director of Merpay, Inc. (current position)

Dec. 2017: Outside Director of CrowdWorks Inc. (current position)

July 2018: Representative Director of Merpay Connect, Inc. (current position)

Sept. 2018: Director of Mercari, Inc. (current position)

Ken Takayama
(Born June 6, 1964)
Apr. 1988: Joined The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited (currently Mizuho Bank, Ltd.)

Nov. 1999: Managing Director of Rakuten, Inc.

June 2001: Outside Audit and Supervisory Board Member of TECHMATRIX CORPORATION

Feb. 2010: Chief Financial Officer of Rakuten, Inc.

Mar. 2013: Advisor of Rakuten, Inc.

July 2014: Outside Director of STAR FESTIVAL INC. (current position)

June 2015: Outside Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member) of TECHMATRIX CORPORATION (current position)

Nov. 2016: Outside Director of Metaps Inc. (current position)

May 2017: Outside Audit and Supervisory Board Member of MEDIA DO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (current position)

May 2018: Outside Director of Linkers Corporation (current position)

Sept. 2018: Outside Director of Mercari, Inc. (current position)

Masashi Namatame
(Born September 27, 1964)
Apr. 1988: Joined The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, Limited (currently Shinsei Bank, Limited)

May 1998: Joined KPMG Peat Marwick (currently KPMG LLP)

Oct. 1998: Advisor of Financial Supervisory Agency (currently Financial Services Agency)

Jan. 2000: Director of Investment Banking Department, Deutsche Securities Limited (currently Deutsche Securities Inc.)

Aug. 2004: Executive Director of Morgan Stanley Japan Limited (currently Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.)

Nov. 2007: Managing Director of Investment Banking Division, Deutsche Securities Inc. Head of Public Sector Group/Financial Institutions Group

June 2012: Head of Business Development of Visa Worldwide Japan Co., Ltd.

Sept. 2015: Member of the Board of Directors, Managing Director, BlackRock Japan Co., Ltd.

May 2018: Senior Corporate Officer, in charge of Corporate Planning Department, Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc. (current position)

Sept. 2018: Outside Director of Mercari, Inc. (current position)

Mercari, Inc. will continue to take on challenges under this new management structure, which includes the newly-appointed directors set out above, as we work to achieve our mission to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell.