Press release

Japan’s Mobile Marketplace Giant Mercari Launches in the US

The largest C2C resale shopping app in Japan is launching in the US, providing a seamless buying and selling experience to US mobile users

San Francisco, CA – Japan’s mobile shopping obsession has finally hit the US. Today Mercari, the largest C2C resale shopping app in Japan, is launching its mobile app in the US. The app is available to download for the US users on both iOS and Android platforms. This intuitive app lets users buy and sell anything, from anywhere, in seconds from their smartphones. The platform offers wide variety of items: fashion, electronics, jewelry, console games, new, pre-owned and hand-made items, Mercari delivers. Listing an item is as simple as uploading a photo and adding a few details. Built-in features help users easily print out shipping labels and quickly drop packages in the mail. Mercari’s community continues to grow, making the world more sustainable every day.

Mercari was originally launched in Japan in July 2013, and just within a year, it is serving a community of over 4.5 million users. It is the country’s largest mobile marketplace, with more than 100,000 new items being listed everyday and monthly transactions exceeding $10 million USD.

Mercari has been beta testing the app in the US for a month now, and it has received an overwhelming reception. Users are already listing thousands of new items everyday, and early statistics show the US beta version to be along the same lines of success as the Japanese version, with purchasing and listing occurring at the same rates as when Mercari was first launched in Japan. Mercari has set up operations in San Francisco with focus on leading growth in the US market.

Key features of Mercari:
Buy and sell in seconds: With Mercari’s easy and intuitive interface, users can list and buy itens in no time.
Free to Use: Users can list items for free. Mercari takes no commission from the sales.
Sell anything: Unlike niche shopping destinations, Mercari offers items ranging from fashion, electronics, jewelry, console games, new, pre-owned and hand-made items.
Easy Shipping: Mercari’s built-in shipping feature is as easy as it gets – users can simply print out a shipping label and drop it in the mail.
Safe transactions: Mercari provides the escrow service, where it holds the money and will not release the payment to the seller until the buyer confirms receiving the item, providing a safe transaction for consumers.
Buyer Guarantee: Mercari handles the process end-to-end, notifying the users when the item is shipped – and covering the cost if user does not receive the item.
Rating System: Mercari’s rating system for both buyers and sellers generates a feedback loop that holds the community accountable for honest, fair transactions.

The Mercari app is available to download for both iOS and Android:
Apple AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id896130944?mt=8
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mercariapp.mercari