For us, inclusion means leveraging our differences and learning from them to help one another unleash our potential.

Here are some examples of the initiatives we have taken to that end:

Work style flexibility

At Mercari, we give members the freedom to choose where and when they work. Each individual and team can choose the work style that best enables them to demonstrate our company values and optimize their performance.
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Language support

Language Education Team
A dedicated team that provides various programs to help our members improve their language skills.

Global Operations Team
Our team dedicated to translation and interpretation. They bridge the language gap so that our diverse members can communicate smoothly.


Yasashii Communication
This is an original Mercari training program that teaches participants how to communicate in a way that considers the language abilities of the other party.

Communication Team-Building
A team building session to better understand the reasons behind some of the communication issues commonly found in teams with members from different cultures and nationalities.

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Sharing information

I&D involves complex social and structural challenges that cannot be solved through Mercari’s efforts alone. In order to share what we learn with the community, we have published the following content.

Unconscious Bias Workshop

A training program with the goal of ensuring that participants recognize unconscious bias so that it does not influence their own decisions and communication.

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Mercari Pride E-Learning

A training program developed in-house with the goal of increasing company-wide understanding toward LGBT+ individuals. The training was reviewed by third-party consultants specializing in LGBT+ issues and is currently held for all employees.

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