For us, diversity represents the endless ways in which each of our unique perspectives come together to unleash new opportunities.

Here are some examples of the initiatives we have taken to that end:


A software engineering training program for gender and sexual minorities in the tech industry, held by Mercari for participants outside the company.

Relocation support

Mercari is home to members of over 50 nationalities, and many of them made the move to Japan in order to join our team. To help these members navigate their new lives in Japan, Mercari offers a relocation package that covers every major step of the process such as moving, applying for a work visa, and finding accommodations in Japan.
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Partnership with Kamiyama Marugoto College

Underrepresentation of women is an issue particularly in the fields of science and engineering. That is why we have formed a partnership for education with Kamiyama Marugoto College of Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, aiming to strongly promote I&D across Japan.


Focusing on equal opportunity rather than equal outcomes, we set and monitor process-centered targets. We continuously monitor KPIs defined for our hiring and appointment candidate pools (“Process KPIs”) to identify potential issues and create cross-organizational action plans.