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Culture and Education


  • To foster a culture in which eliminating the waste of resources is the norm
  • To make the education needed to work toward a circular economy widespread
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In a past survey conducted by the Mercari Group, 55.5% of respondents felt little or no hesitation toward buying secondhand items, and 53.2% of respondents took better care of their possessions*1 as a result of the spread of marketplace apps like Mercari. These results demonstrate a positive change in attitude and behavior.

We believe that if we can use Mercari to promote such change in even more people, we can achieve the waste-free society we are working towards.

With this in mind, we run various initiatives to spread the awareness and knowledge necessary to achieve a circular economy.

Educating the children who will grow up and inherit this world is an essential part of this mission.

We hope to use the model of Mercari and Merpay to teach children the importance of utilizing the earth’s limited natural resources for a sustainable society and the potential of technology to find the solution.

*1: Reference: Mercari’s “Attitude Survey Regarding Consumer Behavior of Marketplace App Users and Non-Users in 2019”


Development and rollout of educational programs for using marketplace apps safely and securely
At Mercari, we provide educational programs free-of-charge to youth, parents, and teachers about how to use marketplace apps safely and securely. These programs are conducted in a workshop style with reenactment videos, used for encouraging the participants to look for problems and present their opinions. To date, we have held these programs at junior high schools, senior high schools, and boards of education in Chiba, Gifu, and Osaka.
Presentation Slides[jp]
Sample Lesson Plan[jp]
Staying Safe and Secure on Mercari[jp]
Introduction to Marketplace Apps[jp] Video
Educational Video: Think About How to Use Marketplace Apps[jp] Video