Compliance and Risk Management

この取り組みを通じて目指すゴール: Goal:

To establish a sound and transparent internal management system


Risk management policies

The Mercari Group’s mission to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell, and we aim to gain long-lasting trust from both our users and society as a whole.

To do so, we believe it is important to boost the quality of risk management initiatives and establish a sound and transparent business management system.

To ensure that we are aware of the various risks our business activities entail and that we are able to handle each one appropriately, we have established a risk management department separate from the business development and management departments.

To detect severe risks to our company, we have an open communication tool available for all employees to report not only incidents, such as system outages and mistakes, but latent risks before incidents occur. We evaluate each risk by its frequency and potential impact, and carry out thorough and comprehensive measures to counter them.

Mercari’s executives, including the CEO, are part of a compliance and risk management committee that meets monthly to discuss risks that have the potential to seriously affect the Mercari Group’s financial affairs or standing in society.

The Mercari Group also strives to maintain strong information security to manage and protect our users’ information, as outlined in our Privacy Policy and internal information management regulations.

Compliance policies

The Mercari Group has established a compliance department separate from the business development and management departments to address compliance issues and provide appropriate advice and checks in the decision making process. In addition, the compliance and risk management committee meets monthly to discuss concerns regarding compliance.

We recognize the exclusion of anti-social forces and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing as an essential duty in protecting the soundness and appropriateness of our work. We have established a department devoted to this, and are working to enhance our monitoring systems, collaborate closely and exchange information with authorities, and develop effective management procedures.

We also carry out regular compliance training for all employees to raise the level of awareness and knowledge of compliance throughout the Mercari Group.

As we move forward, strengthening our compliance system will remain one of management’s highest priorities.



  • Regular risk management (comprehensive inspection based on our risk matrix)

  • Regular compliance training

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

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