Keeping customers safe

24/7 customer support

At Mercari, we check for prohibited listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through our internal surveillance system and constant conversation with our users, we work to promptly remove any items that violate our terms of service. We issue warnings to unintentional offenders, but users who consistently break the rules are subjected to suspensions and other disciplinary actions.

A safe way to buy and sell

At Mercari, we provide a safe and secure transaction system designed to prevent fraud. Mercari holds all funds until the buyer has confirmed that they received their item and it is as described–in this way, we ensure money does not change hands until the transaction is complete.

Collaborating with authorities

Mercari works together with investigators and public agencies in order to prevent illegal activity from taking place on our platform. When information is requested, we take appropriate steps to cooperate with the authorities and work towards a quick resolution. In the event that we discover any illegal activity within the app, we report it to the police and then assist them with any further investigations.

Respecting IP laws

Mercari does not allow the listing of counterfeit brand goods or any goods that infringe upon copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights. We work together with rights holders to remove any such items and also participate in the Council for Intellectual Property Protection on Internet, where we strive to devise new strategies for preventing counterfeit listings. If you come across a listing that violates your intellectual property rights, do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond promptly with any necessary documents outlined by the Provider Liability Limitation Act.