Souzoh, Inc.

Souzoh, Inc.

Souzoh, Inc. is a Mercari Group company charged with planning, developing, and managing new business. Established on January 28, 2021, the company is currently focused on Mercari Shops, an e-commerce platform.

Souzoh, Inc.

Mercari Shops

With a concept of “sell with ease,” the Mercari Shops e-commerce platform allows users to establish their own online shop using just their smartphone and allows shop operators to sell items directly to consumers. Using the same simple operation as when listing an item on Mercari, Mercari Shops allows anyone to have their very own shop on the Mercari app and enjoy access to over 20 million monthly active users without the need to build their own customer base.

  • 2021.10.7
    Souzoh Launches Full Rollout of Mercari Shops
  • 2021.7.28
    Mercari Launches “Mercari Shops” to Help Companies Start Offering Online Sales Through Group Company Souzoh and to Allow Users to Establish Their Own Online Shops
  • 2021.1.28
    Souzoh, Inc. established as a new subsidiary of Mercari Group

Accelerate the possibility for anyone to realize their potential

Souzoh aims to enable anyone to achieve their dreams and expand their understanding of what’s possible. We spearhead new businesses for Mercari Group to boldly challenge the unknown and create an inspired future.

Move Fast

We are committed to taking action, learning from it, and moving things forward based on each person's free ideas and sense of responsibility.

Go Bold

In order to create innovation with a big impact on the world, everyone takes on bold challenges and learns from many failures.

All for One

With the whole team working together and all members working to their highest potential, the team can achieve large missions that one person alone cannot.

Be a Pro

All members take ownership of their work as professionals in their field, learn every day, and commit to showing results.

Company Info
Company Name
Souzoh, Inc.
Date Founded
January 28, 2021
50 million JPY
Business Activities
Planning, development, and management of internet services
Kenji Fujiki
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6118, Japan
  • Kenji Fujiki

    Kenji Fujiki

    Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer

  • Masato Yamamoto

    Masato Yamamoto


  • Kazushi Osari

    Kazushi Osari



At Souzoh, we’re looking for people eager to help promote our business

The company introduction material introduces the current business, Mercari Shops, as well as the values, culture, and working style of the team, Souzoh.